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Installing the MySQL PREG plugin on Ubuntu with apt-get

December 1st, 2011


In our article several months ago we discovered the the PREG plugin for MySQL and realized there were no Ports in the mainline repository for Macports. Back then we shared our install instructions and now we find a need to install MySQL PREG on Ubuntu.

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Installing the MySQL PREG plugin on OSX with MacPorts

April 4th, 2011

No support in MacPorts

Unlike the use flag in Gentoo’s Portage, there is no preg variant available for the MacPorts version of MySQL (mysql5-server). Well you probably don’t care.., until you need to run third-party queries which contain PREG_REPLACE et al. That’s when you jump on #MacPorts on Freenode and get directed to the docs on Local Portfile Repositories. But there’s that whole thing about needing a Portfile…

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