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Checking filesystem case sensitivity with BASH

September 10th, 2014

I have an Apple laptop. Not because I’m obsessed with Apple like a lot of folks out there, but because I think Apple laptops are the least of all evils as laptops go. It’s Unix-ish, and I don’t have to think about problems supporting hardware like the old days when I ran Linux on my laptops. That said, there are plenty of things that bother me about the ‘Most advanced operating system on the planet’. One of my biggest gripes is the lack of sensitivity out of the box.

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Organizing Directory Structures for Large Datasets

June 27th, 2014

So we need to store a lot of files eh?

Some applications generate or operate with massive sets of data. Consider your favorite online applications like Facebook or Photobucket. Can you imagine how many files they have to store as part of their services? I’ve derived a nice way to organize files into a balanced directory tree, that you can customize by how many files you’d like to store per directory.

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