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  • Comparing Centralized and Distributed Version Control Flows
  • PHP Object Oriented Xml Manipulation
  • Technologies Moxune excels at
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Magento2 not ready for prime time

I've built numerous Magento sites for clients and recently was asked to scope out Magento2 as a serious option for a new build-out. At the end of the day I came back saying, it looks nice, but it's just not ready. Read on to find out how I arrived at my conclusion.

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Passing ‘pointers’ to private methods in PHP

If  you're writing any code with Javascript, you're surely familiar with the concept of a callback. Turns out callbacks have been available in PHP for a long time too, they just haven't been first class citizens for as long. What's really neat though, is with the advent of the Closure class in PHP 5.3 you can now pass callbacks to private methods!

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